Our Philosophy

Our philosophy places relevant and meaningful communication as a process rather than a destination and is based upon a number of principles:

  • Understanding through dialogue and research
  • A clear definition of what is to be communicated and why
  • The objectives
  • The Target Audiences both internal and external
  • The communication channels and their relevance and cost efficiency
  • The single-minded proposition/the big idea
  • The desired responses from the target
  • A rigorous monitoring and message evaluation process

Our Vision

We aspire to be the most resourceful and most sought-after partners in development communications solutions with a reputation built on the core values of Professional Integrity, Transparency & Partnership.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a multinational communications company operating from an African perspective and guided by international best-practice. We are signatories to the Advertising Association’s (AAG) code of conduct.

Development Communicators

We are believers in the mantra that “You can have information without development, but you cannot have development without information and the ability to communicate” (World Bank Institute).


Full Service Mainstream Advertising

From the smallest ad to the largest campaign we have since the Year 2000 engaged and motivated millions of Ghanaians to take action across many product and service areas – Multimedia Branding Campaigns, Consumer Promotions and Activations, Nation Building Outreach Campaigns and New Product Launches.

PR/Media Relations and Events

We deploy the best possible skills and people behind every event and PR need. We focus our story telling not necessarily on “official speak” but on how corporate interests can be aligned with individual and community interests.


“All labour that uplifts humanity…should be done with painstaking excellence” Martin Luther King Jnr